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Knauf Insulation’s biggest-ever green field site investment will produce more than 46 million square metres of Glass Mineral Wool every year, create 150 new jobs and help customers grow their business in North America’s thriving Texas region.


Knauf Insulation North America is building a 56,000 m² new state-of-the-art plant in Texas creating more than 150 new jobs and bringing high-quality solutions closer than ever to customers.

Work on the company’s biggest-ever greenfield investment is scheduled to begin in the final quarter 2021 and is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2023.

The plant is based in the industrial zone of the city of McGregor and when fully operational it will manufacture 46 million square metres of high quality Knauf Insulation products every year — enough to insulate 125,000 homes.

In addition to the new jobs at the site, the economic benefits of the plant to Central Texas will exceed US $2 billion dollars in the first 10 years. The US $20 million in infrastructure investment will kick-off growth in the area including the creation of more than 300 indirect jobs. 

Our new site in McGregor Texas is the centre piece of Knauf Insulation’s growth strategy and is an investment that shows we care for our customers.
Alexander Knauf, General Partner of the Knauf Group
Alexander Knauf, General Partner of the Knauf

Alexander Knauf, General Partner of the Knauf Group, described the new site as the centre piece of Knauf Insulation’s growth strategy that will “serve our customers our high-quality products in a better way than we have ever done before”.

Matt Parrish, CEO of Knauf Insulation North America, says the new Texas plant was “a natural next step for the company’s growth and aspirations” filling a significant void in Knauf Insulation’s North American footprint.

“This is a huge step for our customers,” he said. “This is one of the regions in North America where demand has been very high for quite a while. This plant will help our company grow and support our customers’ future growth. It is a perfect match for us.”

Alexander says: “Knauf Insulation is known for outstanding quality products and this new facility will incorporate the best of our global know-how and state-of-the-art technology. This investment shows we really care for our customers.”

“As part of a global, family-owned business, Knauf Insulation believes the timing is right and McGregor is exactly the type of community where the company can expand in the future,” says Matt.

“I was absolutely overwhelmed by the warm welcome by the McGregor community and by how much support we were given during the preparation phase,” says Alexander.

Matt Parrish
Demand in the region has been very high for many years. This plant will help our company grow and support our customers’ future growth. It is a perfect match.
Matt Parrish, CEO of Knauf Insulation North America

Mayor of McGregor James Hering welcomed the new facility and said: “In addition to the creation of 150 new jobs, the site will create significant new employment for skilled trades as well as new opportunities for local businesses and service providers.”

Greater Waco Chamber Senior Vice President for Economic Development Kris Collins added: “Securing a location in the McGregor Industrial Park allows Knauf Insulation to offer solutions to the thriving construction industry in Texas and throughout this region of the country.”

Knauf Insulation Senior Vice President of Strategic Projects Kevin McHugh said: “Watching this incredible facility rise from the Texas soil and become one of the industry’s leading production facilities will be an incomparable experience and positively impact Central Texas for decades to come.”

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