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About Us

Our Values: "I AM KNAUF"

"I am Knauf" is a part of everything we do as a company in Knauf Insulation and in the wider Knauf Group: every action from the simple to the complex.

Our Values


We lead the change in smarter insulation solutions for a better world

Our aspiration is to be the world’s most trusted insulation partner providing high performing and smart insulation solutions and services for a better world.

Our Mission & Vision


Knauf Code of Conduct

Reliability, credibility and integrity are essential prerequisites for the success of our business. For us, it is a matter of course that we observe the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in.

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OUR HISTORY - Sustainable growth from the start

Knauf Insulation was founded as Knauf Fiber Glass in Shelbyville (USA) in 1978. By 1983 we had already doubled our production capacity. By 2017, we were one of the world’s leading insulation manufacturers…

Our History