Wall insulation and glazing options critical for new quietest hospital in Australia says CSIRO
By Anonymous on November 13, 2013

Scientists from the Melbourne acoustics lab of the CSIRO have been testing insulating materials for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital hospital which is due to open in 2016. The South Australian government has set stringent acoustic insulation and sound proofing requirements for the new building in an attempt to mitigate the problems associated with helicopters landing on the roof. 

The hospital has also insisted that the noise from helicopters should not disrupt patients recovering in the wards below the rooftop helipad. Noise levels of upto 100db are audible from 20m away from the landing pad with recent research documenting the negative effects of noise on patient outcomes.

 “We haven’t been involved in a project like this previously,” said Christopher Preston, the CSIRO's project leader, “However, I do know that other hospitals under construction in the country are also looking at preventing helicopter noise, but I believe the Adelaide hospital will be the first to be constructed to this level.”
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