Thousands without power during VIC heatwave
By Anonymous on January 20, 2014

The Age yesterday reported that over 2350 homes were without power by 10am on Thursday this week with more homes expected to lose power as the temperature cilmbed into the 40s across the state.

Heavy use of appliances such as air conditioners are a prominent cause of outage. The outages have also been complicated by the total fire bans which hamper efforts to reconnect power lines. Spokesman Drew Douglas noted that: "Some of the outages are lasting longer because it's a total fire ban and it takes longer to inspect the lines to ensure they can be reactivated safety.”

“There will definitely be extra demand [today],” he said. “We’ve experienced significant increases in demand through [the week] as the day warms up. We’ve obviously got a big couple of days ahead with the weather forecast still pretty severe.”

Authorities are also urging people not to use washers, dryers, dishwashers and more than one TV in the house to try and keep power use down.

Premier Denis Napthine said Victoria got very close to its power capacity on Wednesday in an interview with radio station 3AW noting that: ‘‘I think yesterday we had a particularly high risk situation, where we got very close to the maximum use of power according to our generation capacity and we nearly went over the red line, and we nearly had to look at load shedding.’’

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