Star Casino Case Study


Located in the popular beachside suburb of Broadbeach in Queensland, The Star Stage 1 Tower is a new 53-storey development featuring a combination of luxury hotel and residential apartments on the upper floors. As a high-density mixed-use property, careful planning and construction of the internal walls was integral to delivering a high-quality living experience for both hotel users and residents. With insulation material selection playing an important role, Knauf Insulation products were chosen to insulate both the walls and ceiling to help achieve a sealed acoustic and fire-resistant envelope between rooms, which exceeded performance requirements.

Products Used:

Knauf Insulation Acoustic

Supplied by:

Ecolife Solutions



Construction type:

Commercial and Residential - Apartments


Due to the fixed height and closely adjoining occupancy units, acoustic and fire performance of the internal walls was paramount for both comfort and safety of tenants. This demanded the application of highly efficient products to meet these strict specifications.

Intertenancy walls separating sole occupancy units for hotels and apartment buildings require an acoustic performance of a minimum of Rw + Ctr 50. This means it must block noises over 50 decibels, the equivalent of a conversation between a few people or rainfall.

These walls also require a fire rated level (FRL) of 60 / 60 / 60 for non-load bearing walls and FRL of 90 / 90 / 90 for load bearing walls, ensuring that under a standard fire test, the building is expected to withstand exposure for 60 or 90 minutes respectively against three criteria: the ability to maintain stability and load bearing capacity, ability to resist passage of flames and hot gases, and ability to maintain a temperature over the whole of the unexposed surface of the wall.

A key part of achieving compliance was dependent on the building having very high thermal properties based on bulk insulation installed within the ceiling and wall cavities.


Knauf Insulation was engaged to provide products, which would help to meet or exceed the acoustic and fire-resistant requirements for this project. The insulation material contributed heavily to the performance outcomes. Knauf Insulation Acoustic batt 14kg/m3 was installed to double stud metal framed walls, in addition to fire rated plasterboard to achieve high performance outcomes and help create a sealed inter-tenancy envelope.

Acoustic insulation was also required for the shaft wall systems. Knauf Insulation Acoustic roll 24kg/m3 was installed, enhancing the acoustic performance of the system to achieve required Rw 50, complying with the National Construction Code of Australia and improving the comfort levels of hotel guests and building occupants.

As part of the installed systems, Knauf Insulation products were tested and deemed non-combustible in accordance to AS 1530.1, achieving the specific density of 14kg/m3 for inter tenancy walls and 24kg/m3 for application to shaft walls. Luke Erich of Scooter Group, the plastering contractors for stage one of the project, commented on their onsite preference for installing Knauf Insulations products. “The insulation is much softer and is easier to install compared to other glasswool products in Australia.”

He also highlighted the low irritation benefit of using Knauf Insulation, “It’s definitely not as itchy as other products and I notice our team don’t complain as much after handling it.”


The installation of Knauf Insulation products has helped to meet the stringent requirements for acoustic and fire performance for The Star Gold Coast project. This enormous commercial and residential development, flooded with natural light through its glass exterior, will benefit from the product’s ability to help achieve a high performing internal envelope. The product selection also contributes significantly to the safety and comfort of future guests and occupants.

Scooter Group is pleased with the products’ performance, “I’ve found Knauf Insulation to be a really good product and I’ll continue to use it on future projects.”