Rising utility bills a major concern according to new survey
By Anonymous on January 05, 2014 has reported (17/04/2014) on a recent Money Survey that highlighted rising utility costs as a householder's biggest financial worry for 2014. 

The survey, run by Mortgage Choice, found that 54.8 per cent of Australians said that rising utility bills were their greatest concern followed by their job security and rising petrol costs.

Jessica Darnbrough from Mortgage Choice said that the results were not surprising given that almost 90 per cent of participants said that their energy bills had surged during the past 12 months.

88.3 per cent of the 1000 Australian participants said that their energy costs had risen over the past year.

Ms Darnbrough highlighted a few easy tips for reducing costs of utility bills. Turning off appliances at the wall when not in use and using environmentally friendly lights are two simple measures to implement.

Heating and cooling costs for the home can be reduced by installing insulation which prevents draughts. Washing clothes in cold water can also save money on bills as most of the energy used by the washing machine goes into heating the water.