Reports and Whitepapers

Reports and Whitepapers

Non-combustible insulation solutions for re-cladding projects

Type: Whitepaper

The lessons learnt encourage us to consider fire risk at the earliest stages of any building design. The use of non-combustible materials firstly reduces the likelihood of a fire and secondly prevents fire spreading, keeping fire risk at a minimum... Read More

Minimising risk using the fire triangle principle

Type: Technical bulletin

There are three elements required to ignite and maintain a fire: heat, fuel and oxygen. Removing any one of these will likely extinguish a fire or mitigate the risk of ignition in the first instance... Read More

Equivalence of acoustic absorption materials used as cavity infills

Type: Report

Knauf Insulation Pty Ltd has commissioned Marshall Day Acoustics (MDA) to provide an expert opinion on objective criteria for substituting acoustically absorptive materials used as cavity infill in walls or ceilings... Read More

Cost-optimal insulation levels for Australian and New Zealand houses

Type: Report

The primary purpose of this study is to identify the cost-optimal insulation levels for Australian and New Zealand homes by climate zone... Read More