Victorians can expect bill surges up to $300 next winter

By Anonymous
December 02, 2016 has reported (02/12/2016) on a projected price hike for next years residential energy bills due to the closure of Hazelwood power station.

Some consumer advocates are saying that we could see bill surges of up to $300 per year.  The full impact of this is expected in winter.

Gavin Duffy, St Vincent de Paul spokesman, said that there could be a jump in electricity prices from 6.5 to 11.5 per cent and between 5.2 and 9.2 per cent increase in gas.

Mr Duffy said that homes with solar and already low bills will see less of a price increase.

Bruce Mountain, energy market expert, authored a Victorian report that predicted a rise of between four and eight per cent after the closure of Hazelwood.

Energy Minister Lily D'Ambrosi is urging all Victorians to demand better deals form energy retailers and to shop around for better deals.

Former MPs Terry Mulder and John Thwaites are leading a Victorian review of retail power prices and investigating how to improve the market.