Seen our new-look Earthwool yet? Here’s a sneak peek

By Shoko McKay
May 25, 2021

The colour brown is very much on trend for 2021. Yes, black is taking a backseat to make way for a warmer, toastier colour that’s stealing the spotlight and not just in the fashion scene.

Ok, so insulation may not be the most sexy topic, despite what Barack Obama says, and yet the earthy tone of our new-look Earthwool is certainly turning heads in the construction scene.

In case you missed it, our brand new manufacturing facility in Malaysia is up and running, and we are so excited to share the feedback we’re receiving as orders are fulfilled and product is installed.

First to receive the new-look Earthwool in Australia was long-term customer, Energy Efficiency Group, whose shipment of R2.5 high density wall acoustic insulation landed in their Perth warehouse in April. Managing Director of Energy Efficiency Group, Devin Hall, shared his reaction upon opening the new product. Here are the highlights.

Darker in colour

First impressions count and we certainly seem to have hit the mark. Hall describes, “The first thing you notice is it’s a lot browner, and you immediately think ‘raw and real’ – just better quality.”


Cleaner look and feel on both sides

The other obvious difference, Hall explains, is how clean it is on both sides thanks to the new TwinTech manufacturing technology: “Earthwool typically has a face side that is nice and clean, and a side that is a bit more coarse and rough. So now it’ll look cleaner no matter which side we install… (and) we’ll not only have one of the most recognised and technologically-advanced products, we’ll also meet customer expectations on aesthetics.”

Quicker and cleaner install

Improved aesthetics also means less clean up post-installation. “A neater product means less time spent on cleaning up afterwards and therefore a better-quality install and service,” says Hall.

Shorter lead times

Supplying Earthwool® from our local manufacturing facility will greatly reduce lead times and deliver considerable operational and storage efficiencies for our Asia-Pacific customers. In the case of Energy Efficiency Group, Hall explains, “Halving product turnaround time from 10-12 weeks to 4-6 weeks is going to be a game changer for our business. With shorter lead times, we won’t need to have as much stock on hand and we can be more responsive when work comes in any given period.”

Sustainability credentials

Our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes is still as strong as ever. Earthwool manufactured in our new Malaysian factory is still made using ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary plant-based binder that not only eliminates the need for petro-based chemicals, it enables us to achieve market-leading compression ratios in our insulation packs. High compression means more product per delivery, which means the environmental impact from transport emissions is significantly reduced.

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* A special thanks to Energy Efficiency Group for their product review. Energy Efficiency Group specialises in the provision of energy efficiency products, including insulation, solar, battery systems, ventilation, airtightness and energy assessments, for retrofit and new construction residential and commercial markets. Currently servicing Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, Energy Efficiency Group has been aligned with Knauf Insulation for eight years.