Queenslander homes not designed to cope with climate

By Anonymous
August 15, 2015

Perthnow.com.au has reported (15/08/2015) on research data from Queensland University of Technology that shows that Australian homes are not responding intelligently to climate, especially Queenslander style homes.

Many families in Queensland are often freezing through winter as cold air gets trapped under the house and the wind travels around the verandah keeping the rooms at fridge-like temperatures.

Despite above average temperatures and warm winter days, Queenslander homes are often much colder than brick homes on concrete slabs. Research shows that they are also hotter than brick veneer homes in summer.

Key factors that influence the temperature inside a home are ceiling insulation, wall insulation and floor insulation. Levels of shade and the direction that the house faces are impact level of heat felt inside.

The Blackledges in Ipswich Queensland said their loungeroom was the same temperature as outside (10 deg) at 6am. It was actually 3 deg colder than outside by 4pm. Despite this news and the fact that their Queenslander house was hot in summer, they love the house as it is "very Australian".