Qld power prices rise by 150% in 10 years

By Anonymous
July 29, 2016

Www.dailymercury.com.au has reported (13/07/2016) that Queensland has experienced a 150% increase in power costs over the last 10 years.  

Carbon Energy Markets released a report this week that found that Queensland power prices have increased more in the last ten years than any other state in Australia.  The report was commissioned by One Big Switch, an organisation that campaigns for reduced electricity prices.

The Queensland Productivity Commission said that 82% of the price hike could be attributed to associated costs with maintaining transmission infrastructure.

Joel Gibson, director of One Big Switch, encourages consumers to shop around to get a better deal.

Queensland has fewer power stations than other states.  In Mackay, consumers only have one option.

Mark Bailey, State Energy Minister, stated that the government subsidises $500m per year for regional Queensland power.

Mr Bailey highlighted that 43% of the price hike occurred in three years under the former state government.