Policy changes needed to create VIC clean energy jobs

By Anonymous
November 14, 2014

Ecogeneration.com.au has reported (23/10/2014) on a paper released by the Clean Energy Council that reveals five policy changes that could easily create more than 2,000 clean energy jobs in Victoria.

Kane Thorton, Acting Chief Executive of Clean Energy Council (CEC), said that simple tweaks to existing policies could easily create jobs in clean energy sectors such as solar power, insulation and solar hot water.  He would like to see both parties look more closely at the issues as we head towards the next state election.

Mr Thornton highlighted that there is an increasing cost to the Government of providing proportional discounts to low-income households on their power bills.

Instead, he would like to see some of the 70,000 hot water systems that are replaced annually for low-income families substituted with a solar hot water units.  Over 10 years, the Government could deliver gross savings to its budget of $100 million, create several hundred jobs and help families save money.

He would also like to see red tape cut for commercial solar power projects, a revisit of providing home insulation to low-income and rural homes in Victoria and an option for renters or low-income earners to lease rather than buy solar power.

According to CEC, the paper Quick Clean energy jobs for Victoria investigates five ideas that could create more than 2000 jobs at a time when several Victoria-based manufacturers have exited the Australian market.