One Big Switch: Top tips to save on household running costs

By Anonymous
March 16, 2016


Top tips to save on household running costs 

Did you know that by making some small changes around the home you could enjoy some big savings on your household running costs?  It’s no secret that electricity prices have been on the rise for the past few years and to help relieve the strain on the purse strings we have devised some top money saving tips.

Compare and switch

Since 2011, One Big Switch has been helping Australian’s save money on the cost of living including electricity, health insurance, life insurance and home loans. To find out how much money you could save by switching providers, visit the website here.


In addition to shopping around for better deals, there are other ways that homeowners can save money around the home. Simpy by installing insulation in the ceiling, walls and under floor, households could save around $450a per year on energy bills.

In 2013, Knauf Insulation, initiated a DIY project to install Earthwool® insulation in the ceiling and under floor of every viable home, business and community building in Birdsville. Birdsville temperatures have been known to reach below freezing in winter and 40 degrees or more in summer. Figures showed that the average residential home in Birdsville saved 20 per cent on energy bills after Earthwool insulation was installed. Birdsville resident, Neale McShane saved $138 on his electricity bill for the period October 2013 – January 2014 compared to the same period from the year prior.

So, if Birdsville residents can enjoy the comfort and money saving benfits of installing insulation in their home imagine what it can do in yours. You can watch our mini documentary here to find our more.

Take shorter showers
Timers are a great way to monitor the time spent in the shower. Shortening your shower time by just two minutes could save you up to 40 litresb of water per year.

Full loads
Waiting until you have a full load before starting the dishwasher or washing machine could save you approximately 10 litresof water in each wash.

Get on line
Australia has some of the best weather around the world so why not make the most of it? Turn off the dryer and use the outside line to dry your clothes. Make the change now and save up to $100d per year.

Stop the clocks
Did you know, the clock on a microwave uses more power compared to what is used to cook food? Save energy and switch the microwave off when not in use.

Air conditioners
Split system air conditioners run at a cost of approximately 28 cents per hour compared to 1 cent per hour for ceiling fans. Smart use of your ceiling fans to cool the room before switching on the air conditioning unit means you will use your air conditioner lesse.



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