New Energy Rating app to help save money on increasing power bills

By Anonymous
July 09, 2014 has reported (14/07/2014) on a new phone app released by the Government to help businesses and households choose energy efficient appliances to help save money on power bills.

'Energy Rating' app, which can be downloaded for free, shows power use of an appliance's life in dollars rather than kilowatt hours.

This shows what the energy rating means in financial terms so people can see what they are saving.

Ian Macfarlane, minister for industry, said that this app helps people choose energy efficient appliances.

The app is timely, with an average 17.8 per cent increase in regulated gas prices as of 1 July in NSW.   People in NSW can expect a gas bill to increase by $155 to $225 per year.

IPART chairman, Peter Boxall, acknowledges peoples concern about gas affordability.   However, he says, as gas is now exported from eastern Australia for the first time, increased costs faced by retailers to supply gas to consumers need to be recouped.

Wholesale gas prices are now influenced by global prices as the exports of eastern Australia are now part of a single global market for commodity gas.