Navigate the changes to Section J in the NCC 2019 and earn CPD points

By Shoko McKay on March 05, 2020

In an industry where technology, best practices and regulations are constantly changing, it is important for architects and designers to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a means of developing and maintaining their professional standards of competency.

Knauf Insulation have introduced a new CPD presentation for architects and designers to assist with compliance with the updates to Section J of the National Construction Code, released in 2019 (NCC 2019).

Previously, calculating the thermal performance of a building envelope system was as simple as adding the individual component R-values together, selecting the climate zone based on location and then considering the direction of heat flow.

Michael Goodhew, National Specification Manager at Knauf Insulation said changes within the NCC 2019 means architects and designers now need to consider the impact of thermal bridging on the overall thermal performance of Building Classes 2-9 under the requirements of AS/NZS4859.2.

“To understand the impact of thermal bridging on a building envelope system, a complex calculation is now required.  Although a big leap from previous methods of calculations, the new considerations for thermal bridging will allow for buildings to be designed more accurately to reflect how they will perform in-situ with regards to energy efficiency,” said Michael.

The free online CPD presentation from Knauf Insulation takes a deep dive into the changes in the NCC 2019 and works through how the requirements can be met.

The topics covered in the CPD include:

•  Learn about thermal bridging

•  Gain an understanding of standards in the NCC 2019 that pertain to thermal bridging

•  Have an understanding of the overall changes in minimum R-value requirements by climate zone

•  Learn the principals required for considering thermal bridging in system performance

Upon successful completion of the CPD participants will receive one credit.

Knauf Insulation has collaborated with Architectural Information Services to launch the CPD presentation on their Elevate online platform.   

Elevate is a dedicated space for maintaining professional standards of competency. With access to a library of curated educational content, specifiers can complete CPD points anywhere, anytime.

If you would like Knauf Insulation to visit your practice to present the CPD, simply contact us using the form here.