Mandatory Victorian residential energy efficiency ratings one step closer

By Anonymous
May 04, 2016 has reported (05/04/2016) on the poor energy efficiency results of Victorian homes during a trial of a Residential Efficiency Scorecard.

Over a three month trial, the average energy efficiency rating for 45 assessed houses was 3 NatHERS stars out of 10.

The largest energy cost for most homes (78%) was for heating followed by hot water. 85% of homes showed that they were uncomfortable in hot weather.

The trial revealed that 65% of homes could save money on power by improving the efficiency of heating. It was suggested that householders look into the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target scheme which offered discounted prices for such improvements.

Items assessed on the scorecard included home insulation, heaters, airconditioners, wall and floor materials, windows, solar power and hot water systems.

The assessment also included specific advice on what changes to make to the home to make it more energy efficient.

Campaigns director for Environment Victoria, Nick Roberts, welcomed the scorecard but said for it to work and improve overall performance of Victorian houses, it needed to be applied across all levels of the property market, including rentals.

Mr Roberts would like to see this become mandatory rather than just becoming a rating only used by people selling or buying a property with energy efficiency high on their personal agenda.

Good rating properties in UK are now commanding higher prices.