Knauf Insulation sponsors the MRCAA

By Anonymous
April 21, 2016


Knauf Insulation sponsors the MRCAA

Knauf Insulation has recently joined forces with the Metal Roofing and Cladding Association of Australia (MRCAA), an alliance of dedicated contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.

Commenting on the new sponsorship, Ashley Lawrence, National Sales and Specification Manager at Knauf Insulation said: “We strongly appreciate the objectives and services of the MRCAA, and we look forward to supporting and sponsoring such a respected association in the construction industry.”

Knauf Insulation has a comprehensive range of products that have been developed for metal roof construction. As part of the sponsorship of the MRCAA, they will have an opportunity to share their expertise and high performing insulation solutions with the industry and association members.

The MRCAA recognises the ever-advancing skill levels and quality of the construction and installation industry, and is committed to developing and enhancing the technical expertise within the industry.

Knauf Insulation is part of the Knauf Group of Companies, a family owned global building material business. In 2009 Knauf Insulation revolutionised insulation manufacture with the introduction of its patented ECOSE®Technology binder, which along with their state-of-the-art German manufacturing technology produces high quality, super-soft glasswool insulation that contains no added formaldehyde phenols or acrylics.

Knauf Insulation represents one of the largest, most respected and progressive names in insulation manufacture and understands the importance of providing increasingly sustainable and environmentally enhanced insulation products.