Knauf Insulation ECOSE® Technology rewarded by the Blue Angel

By Knauf Australia
October 01, 2010

From now on, Knauf Insulation's glassmineral wool with ECOSE® Technology carries the longest standing environmental protection designation in the world.

From now on, Knauf Insulation's glassmineral wool with ECOSE® Technology carries the longest standing environmental protection designation in the world.

In October 2010, Knauf Insulation products were once again distinguished for their environmental friendliness and lack of harmful substances in Simbach am Inn. Starting immediately, a range of glass mineral wool insulation materials with the formaldehyde-free ECOSE® Technology binder now carry the Blue Angel label.

The Blue Angel standard was launched in 1978, based on the initiative of the German Federal Minister of the Interior in cooperation with the environmental ministers for the federation and the federal states. The Blue Angel has now become an important orientation aid for consumers who rely on environmentally friendly and healthy products in everyday life. "We are proud of the fact that our innovation with ECOSE® Technology launched in mid-2009 has proven so successful, setting an example for sustainability and healthy living," says Markus Niermann, Chairman of the Executive Board at Knauf Insulation, Germany. "The Blue Angel, which is awarded according to demanding criteria, is further proof of the outstanding quality of our products."

Repeatedly recognised

The Blue Angel is not the first recognition that Knauf Insulation has received for products with ECOSE® Technology. The Unifit TI 135 U common rafter insulation roll from Knauf Insulation was evaluated as "very good" in the 10/2009 edition of the ÖKO-TEST journal. At the "Global Insulation Conference and Exhibition 2009," products with the binder based primarily on natural and organic base materials were named product of the year. In addition, Knauf Insulation is the first company worldwide to be awarded the coveted Indoor Air Comfort GOLD certificate by Eurofins. The golden seal of approval was awarded to Knauf Insulation in the spring of 2010 for its unfaced glass mineral wool insulation materials with ECOSE® Technology.

The Blue Angel for a broad range of inside insulation products

The Blue Angel environmental protection designation was awarded to Knauf Insulation for numerous products in the area of internal insulation. Along with insulation materials for internal and separation wall insulation, they also include insulation materials for roof extension and ceiling and floor insulation. RAL GmbH, which awards the Blue Angel, issues the seal of approval for products that are manufactured using environmentally friendly substances and materials. To qualify these products must be harmless with regard to health and contain no toxic substances which create problems for waste disposal.

About Knauf Insulation

Among insulation material manufacturers, Knauf Insulation is unique in having such a broad product range. Insulation solutions produced with glass mineral wool, rock mineral wool and wood wool for building and industrial constructions and industrial applications makes up the portfolio. Knauf Insulation is the insulation specialist in the Knauf Group, one of the leading manufacturers of construction materials, and worldwide generates annual sales of more than a billion euros. Knauf Insulation has approx. 5,000 employees in over 35 countries and more than 30 production facilities worldwide. In Germany, the insulation material specialist has production facilities in Simbach am Inn, St. Egidien and Bad Berka. The corporate headquarters is in Simbach am Inn. The sales network with 21 sales regions is also directed from there.

About mineral wool with ECOSE® Technology

In the middle of 2009, Knauf Insulation brought the formaldehyde-free binder ECOSE® Technology for mineral wool onto the market for the first time. On the basis of primarily bio-based binder and without the addition of artificial colours or dyes it has ensured that the already environmentally friendly mineral wool insulation materials from Knauf Insulation have taken a further step in the direction of improved sustainability. As part of its commitment to more sustainable products, Knauf Insulation has shifted the manufacturing of glass mineral wool worldwide to this binder. 

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