Invest in insulation to help reduce winter bills

By Anonymous
May 01, 2016 has reported (01/05/2016) on non-electric ways to keep in the heat during the winter months to help combat surging electricity and gas bills.

Choice magazine reported that residential buildings contribute 10 per cent of Australia's total carbon emissions. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians spend $47 billion annually on energy.  The use of insulation in the home can reduce the impacts of both these things.

45 per cent of heating and cooling expenses can be saved by using ceiling insulation and wall insulation can save a further 20 per cent.

Gaps in floorboards, open fireplaces, keyholes and letterboxes should be filled in or covered.

Curtains help prevent draughts from windows that can even happen when the windows are closed.

Double glazed windows will ensure that a lot of heat in the house is retained.