Insulation included in plans for $250m energy efficient housing program

By Anonymous
February 08, 2016 has reported (08/02/2016) on a $250 million program to boost energy-efficient public housing.

The Turnboll government announced $250m in loans for energy-efficient public housing despite the government seeking to abolish Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), the agency that is funding the program.

As the government cannot get legislation through the Senate to abolish CEFC, it will merge the body into an environment department called the Climate Change and Renewables Innovation.

Environment minister, Greg Hunt, supports the lowering of long term energy needs and environmental impacts of energy efficient homes.

Mr Hunt said that the energy efficient homes would have features such as high quality insulation, double glazed windows and ventilation to reduce cooling and heating needs. He sees this as a very practical way to drive down household energy costs to make a positive difference to low income families.

The CEFC will provide the $250m to community housing providers to fund up to 1,000 new energy-efficient homes for low-income earners.