Insulation critical for UK families

By Anonymous
September 12, 2013

When compared with other EU nations, UK homes have been found to be among the most expensive to heat in a recent analysis of official EU data compiled for the Guardian newspaper (UK) with over 10 million families living in 'leaky homes'.

A recent signal by UK government to cut the programme that insulates properties to reduce energy bills, known as ECO, has been met with dismay by the government's own Fuel Poverty advisor Derek Lickorish who labelled the signal as 'unforgivably perverse'.

ECO is a life-saving measure for some and we should be actually doing more. No one should be dying because they cannot afford to heat their home."

The director of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, Andrew Warren added: "It is absolutely disgraceful that the big energy companies have orchestrated this unscrupulous campaign, that appears to be succeeding in blackmailing the UK government into cutting by half its established policy to help customers stop wasting money by wasting fuel."

The UK's severe winters mean good insulation is literally a matter of life and death, with Ed Matthew, director of campaign group Energy Bill Revolution, an alliance of over 160 organisations noting: "It is a national disgrace that thousands of people are dying unnecessarily every year, lives that could be saved by something as simple as better insulation. If Osborne cuts the total energy efficiency budget, as many fear, he will be condemning people to death."