How Canberrans battle the cold at home

By Anonymous
June 04, 2015

NEW research shows that Canberrans appear to have adopted extreme ways to fend off the cold indoors.

The research, conducted by Think Insulation, revealed 55 per cent of Canberrans have worn outside layers such as hats, gloves and scarfs while watching TV and even to bed.

More than 35 per cent opt to wear thermal underwear and more than 10 per cent choose to go home and jump into a onesie.

Once bundled up with blankets and clothing, nearly 40 per cent choose not to suffer alone and grab the nearest family pet (or loved one) to cuddle up with and keep them cosy.

The research suggests that some of the get-warm choices are guzzling energy. Almost 30 per cent have left the oven door open to warm the house and more than 10 per cent of us have heated up clothes in the tumble dryer. Conversely, nearly two thirds have avoided using a portable electric or gas heater as they are concerned their energy bills will be too high.

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