"Green Company" Award

By Knauf Australia
June 07, 2013

Knauf Insulation Oosterhout : “Green Company” of the month.

Knauf Insulation Oosterhout : “Green Company” of the month.

The choice for Knauf Insulation Oosterhout has been made to welcome its constant efforts in the last 2 years to significantly reduce its carbon foot print but also for the GREEN DEAL that Knauf Insulation has made with the Oosterhout local authorities.

On May 22, 2013, the Commissioner Johan van den Hout in charge of Ecology and Enforcement has handed out the Award to Marc Malherbe de Juvigny at the Knauf Insulation plant.

Green Deal with local authorities

The Green Deal is an official partnership between KI and the municipality of Oosterhout that seeks to reduce the CO2 emissions and contribute to sustainable development in Oosterhout. The partnership was signed in May 2012 and runs for three years, after which an extension will be considered. Under the agreement, the Municipality of Oosterhout will launch a number of community projects that will benefit the inhabitants. Projects to upgrade municipal real estate, such as schools and sports centres, may be among the possibilities. KI contributes its know-how and expertise in energy efficiency and building performance to the partnership, with the aim of devising innovative solutions and developing new forms of cooperation.

Knauf Insulation massive improvement on carbon foot print

Next to the Green Deal,  Knauf Insulation has successfully managed to strongly reduce its energy consumption and CO2 –emission. Top achieve this every aspect has been taken into account: from production process, water and energy consumption, to Led lights and sensors in the factory, Biomass energy, energy efficient car park etc. Since 2008 the energy consumption of Knauf Insulation Oosterhout has decreased by more than 34%.

Province Noord-Brabant

The certificate ´Groen bedrijf van de maand´ is an initiative of the province Noord-Brabant to award companies who are successfully engaged in areas such as nature, landscape and sustainability.

This honorable/inspiring award could be an inspiration for other companies within the Noord-Brabant region to also embrace the thought of becoming more active in sustainability.