Documentation Impeding Australian Building Efficiency Efforts

By Anonymous
January 20, 2016 has reported (20/01/2016) on the release of the second phase report for the National Energy Efficient Building Project (NEEBP). It has highlighted that a lack of documentation is impeding efforts to improve energy performance of Australia's buildings.

The Phase 1 report concluded that there is a "culture of mediocre energy performances across the Australian building industry."

Phase 2 oversaw two projects to address these problems focusing on the development of an electronic building passport system and the creation of an as-built inspections project.

The pilot projects struggled and highlighted that lack of documentation is causing major hurdles towards efforts to improve energy performance via the introduction of new measures.

It was recommended that as-built inspections would need to have better documentation and scheduling of visits so building parts such as home insulation and glazing could be viewed prior to concealing.

The Electronic Building Passport project also struggled to create a system of standard documentation on energy performance of buildings.

The executive summary concluded that none of the participating councils are currently compiling energy performance documentation that would demonstrate code compliance.