Customer-focused quality: you can trust in Knauf Insulation

By Shoko McKay
November 14, 2019

For many people quality is easy to define. The quality of a product is measured by meeting strict regulations and achieving standards of excellence that everyone understands. This is often underpinned by ISO 9001 quality management certification (as is the case at Knauf Insulation).

At Knauf Insulation this definition of quality is our foundation stone. It is what our customers expect and why they trust our products and, in the end, our company.

Increasing understanding of our customers

But when it comes to defining what quality means today this is just the start.

In recent years, we have been building on our customers’ trust by applying a rigorous process of continuous improvement to our concept of quality.

So, what does this mean?

Well, quality is a constant journey. As our industry changes, there will always be opportunities to improve quality by better understanding our customers and their changing needs.

At Knauf Insulation, this has translated into increasing our understanding of how our customers (and our customers’ customers) define quality.

Our new benchmarks focus on high performance

The results of this increased understanding have been encouraging. We have discovered ways to improve our specifications, reduce risk and improve performance.

We have developed new testing procedures and quality benchmarks that go beyond mere compliance and focus on high performance.

We have created new technologies and innovations to improve the daily lives of our customers.

New ways to improve quality

Ultimately, we have learnt that there will always be new ways to improve quality.

Mark Thompson, our Group Product Quality and Compliance Lead, says: “Today our concept of quality is more complex compared to a decade ago as processes and technology continue to improve.

“However, one thing remains constant — at the heart of quality is a fundamental human goal, trust. At Knauf Insulation a key daily objective is to continuously build on our customers’ trust and consistently deliver what they need and expect.”

• Today is World Quality Day, an international event organised by the Chartered Quality Institute which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.