The Comfortable House

By Anonymous
June 17, 2014

Sarah Pickette (Australian House & Garden) considers insulation to be one of the best ways to warm and cool your house. 

The Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand have indicated that the total cost of insulation for a typical house can be recouped in as little as 3.8 years through  reduced heating bills.  With Winter taking hold in the southern states of Australia, there is no doubt as to the value of the various forms of insulation. With floor insulation, ceiling and wall insulation, inside temperatures can be moderated to create a comfortable home even in the worst weather while also reducing a home's carbon footprint.

Nick Mayo from Canberra's Sustainable House suggests:  "to get the greatest performance out of your insulation, you need to team it with draught-sealing and good windows." With these in place, the potential energy savings that the combination can bring can be large. 

R-Values indicate just how insulating different products can be, so use this to compare different types of insulation when making decisions.

Kristin Brookfield, senior executive director of building, development and environment at the Housing Industry Association says:  "Insulation in the ceiling alone has a big impact on your home's thermal performance," adding that "up to about 35 per cent of winter heat is lost through the roof, so addressing that is one of the most important tasks homeowners can undertake."