Cheaper energy bills on the way

By Anonymous
August 27, 2014 has reported (16/08/2014) on the expected savings on household energy bills of around $170 per year as energy retailers reveal price reductions that will flow from the repeal of the Carbon Tax.

The news is well received by householders who were bracing themselves for an increase of almost $110 per year due to the original carbon price hike. Savings and refunds will be backdated to July 1 and householders can expect credits as early as September.

Origin Energy customers are expected to save an average of 4.5 per cent on gas bills and 6 per cent on electricity. Customers signed up with Energy Australia can expect to save an average 3.6 per cent on gas bills ($37) and 6.3 per cent on electricity ($136). South Australia's largest energy retailer, AGL, are also expected to offer similar savings from as early as next week.   They have indicated that their customers will receive communication from them regarding price reductions as a result of the removal of the Carbon Tax.

The news of price reductions provides some welcome relief to householders. A recent survey done by SA Council of Social Services revealed that more than a third of households are worried about being able to pay energy bills.