AGL may offer bill cuts and free energy efficient appliances

By Anonymous
January 01, 2015 has reported (15/12/2014) on AGL's hardship program that may offer customers free energy saving items such as heaters, hot-water systems and whitegoods.

With customer numbers on the hardship program doubling to 20,000 nationally over the last five years, AGL is investigating upgrades of ageing appliances for hundreds of customers in the most financial stress.

AGL is also offering to wipe millions of dollars from unpaid bills and offer financial assistance and savings tips to disadvantaged communities.  Increasing numbers of people are experiencing energy poverty following years of industry wide price rises.

AGL have committed an extra $6 million over the next three years to help consumers across the country who are in temporary or ongoing hardship.

Half of the funds will be targeting incentive payment schemes and debt relief which will see the company partly pay bills to avoid huge overdue accounts banking up.

Retail group general manager, Stephen Mikkelsen, said that AGL are investigating whether to also upgrade ageing appliances for hundreds of the customers most in need.

Low income families are more likely to live in properties with no home insulation and use inefficient refrigerators, electric hot water systems and heaters that have high running costs.

Eligible customers will also receive a free home energy audit in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales.