A new story, a new name… Knauf Insulation Customized Solutions

By Knauf Australia
January 07, 2015

As the year turns to 2015, the newly founded company Knauf Insulation Customized Solutions begins its business operations.

As the year turns to 2015, the newly founded company Knauf Insulation Customized Solutions begins its business operations.

In fact, this newly founded company is not entirely new. The company was established on the foundations of the Converting facility in Škofja Loka, which was increasingly overcrowded and was therefore not able to further grow and prosper, while there has been an increasing demand, year after year, for specialized and small-batch products.

As one of the basic principles of the Knauf Insulation Group is in fact making constant product improvements and at the same time meeting the needs of our clients, the management of the group has decided to make significant changes – to move the current facility for converting insulation materials from Škofja Loka to a new location in Ajdovščina, whilst changing its entire organisation and management and giving it a new name - Knauf Insulation Customized Solutions - with the purpose of increasing the visibility of the brand both within the group as well as with existing and potential customers.

With its processing capabilities, the new company will support all segments within the Knauf Insulation Group (Construction, Technical insulation, OEM and Green Solutions) and will provide, through processing or finishing, suitable insulation solutions in all segments, with a focus on those products where large-scale production is not possible.

At the same time, this new production facility will provide industry business partners with the best and most efficient insulation solutions even in cases of small-batch production or for project-specific applications, using not only rock wool, but also other insulation materials (glass wool, PU, composites, etc.).

All products manufactured in Ajdovščina will be sold under the new Knauf Insulation Customized Solutions trademark.

The purpose of the newly founded company, as well as of the entire Knauf Insulation Group, is to make a name for itself as an insulation specialist in exclusive, special purpose processing of products, supplying material to small customers and providing complex insulation solutions where standard products from production lines are not producible.

All interested parties can contact Knauf Insulation Customized Solutions via its:

- Website: www.customized.knaufinsulation.com

- E-mail: customized(at)knaufinsulation.com