Baby, its cold inside...

By Anonymous
January 06, 2015

Baby, its cold outside inside…

Aussies going to extreme lengths to stay warm at home this winter

  • Over 40% believe their home feels colder inside than outside during coldest weeks
  • Leaving the oven door open and warming clothes in the tumble dryer are some of the energy-guzzling methods used to stay warm

Monday 1 June 2015: As the first official week of winter arrives in Australia, new research shows nearly half of us feel like we’re freezing in our homes every year. Subsequently, the nation appears to have adopted extreme ways to fend off the cold indoors.

The research, conducted by Thinkinsulation, revealed nearly 75% of Australians have worn outside layers such as hats, gloves and scarfs whilst watching TV and even to bed. Almost 25% opt to wear thermal underwear and over 10% choose to go home and jump into a onesie. Once bundled up with blankets and clothing, over 40% choose not to suffer alone and grab the nearest family pet (or loved one) to cuddle up with and keep them cosy.

Alarmingly, some of the choices are guzzling energy. Nearly 15% have left the oven door open to warm the house and 10% have heated up clothes in the tumble dryer. Conversely, nearly two thirds have avoided using a portable electric or gas heater as they are concerned their energy bills will be too high.

The situation is so extreme that one in ten Australians have had to move their families into a warmer part of the house to sleep - even into one room - to beat the chill during frosty nights.

When it all gets too much at home, over a third escape winter in Australia all together and jump on a plane to warmer climates.

Commenting, Claire Cunliffe, Marketing Manager at Knauf Insulation Australia and New Zealand says: “Some parts of Australia can drop to nearly freezing during the coldest winter nights and a significant proportion of our housing isn’t equipped to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Our research shows the nation is hugely concerned about rising energy bills, having to instead rely on more traditional ways to keep warm with extra blankets, hot baths and wearing their winter layers indoors.

“What many consumers don’t know is home insulation (in ceiling, walls and under floors) can help to improve the thermal performance of the home and can reduce household energy bills, on average by $450 each year. Moreover, simply by following the installation instructions provided by the insulation manufacturer, it’s really simple and straightforward to install in your home as a weekend DIY project.”

We provide helpful tips and tricks here to help Aussies stay warm this winter season.  It also offers advice on reducing household energy consumption and information on the best insulation options.

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Research was conducted by Pure Profile for Thinkinsulation, a new initiative from Knauf Insulation, on a sample of over 1,000 Australians nationwide, May 2015.


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