WoodSolutions Mid-Rise Demo

WoodSolutions Mid-Rise Demo


The WoodSolutions Mid-Rise Demo is a three storey educational facility designed to display the structural, fire, acoustic and waterproofing systems required in successful mid-rise timber projects. The structure demonstrates a wide variety of systems, not limited to: different wall types, acoustic floor build ups, penetration fire rating solutions, structural solutions (e.g. mass timber vs lightweight frame), waterproofing solutions, roofing systems, and connectors.

The insulation used for this type of build needed to be high quality and non-combustible to meet the Deemed-To-Satisfy (DTS) requirements in mid-rise timber construction.


Laurence Ritchie, Cost and Program Estimator, Mid-Rise Advisory Program, WoodSolutions said: “In the design and construction of this project, we have tried to source quality products and systems that meet the DTS requirements. The Earthwool® range of products met these requirements.”

WoodSolutions used Earthwool® Sound Shield batt, R2.5HD for the external and internal walls of the Mid-Rise Demo. Earthwool® Sound Shield batt, R2.5HD is not only one of the highest thermal rated wall batts, but also provides superior acoustic performance to reduce the transfer of sound between rooms.

Earthwool® Ceiling batt, R3.5 was used in the ceiling to improve the thermal envelope of the building. Earthwool® Ceiling batt, R3.5 was also used in the mid-floors to absorb sound between floors.


Earthwool® insulation provided the high quality thermal and acoustic performance required to meet the DTS compliant system that WoodSolutions were aiming for in the Mid-Rise Demo.

Earthwool® insulation is made using up to 80 per cent recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a sustainable binder based on rapidly renewable materials and with no added formaldehyde. The range of Earthwool® products are super-soft to touch, non-combustible and are compression packed, which provided ease of installation in the multi-level building.


Download the Case Study here.

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