Living boats in Amsterdam

Living boats in Amsterdam


Standard houseboats – the sun raises indoor temperatures during summer

The houseboats have a lightweight wooden roof construction with a minimum insulation. In the summer the transfer of solar energy dramatically rises the indoor temperature.


To provide more comfort to houseboats in Amsterdam Sedumworld applied Urbanscape® Green Roof System featuring Urbanscape® Green Roll and Sempergreen Sedum-mix blanket.

The difference in the real Inner Surface Specific Heat Flux can be seen on below chart calculated specifically based on Amsterdam climate data. As the data clearly shows, during the temperature peeks heat flux will be dramatically reduced.


Houseboats with green roofs – more comfortable living due to lower heat and solar radiation levels

The lightweight design of Urbanscape® Green Roof System does not compromise the structure stability and at the same time provides good stormwater buffer (stormwater management) through natural evaporation, herewith cooling the roof of the boat. Furthermore, the Sedum roof increases biodiversity in urban spaces by providing protection and a source of food for bees, butterflies and other insects.

Before Installation


After Installation


Project name Making life more comfortable for residents of houseboats in Amsterdam
System Urbanscape® Green Roof System
Products Used Urbanscape® Green Roll