How SUPAFIL® is tackling the challenges of the building industry

By Knauf Insulation APAC
October 31, 2022

Insulation is a cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency of any building and the wellbeing of its occupants, be it a commercial or a residential building.

Soaring energy prices, global climate change concerns — the need to make buildings energy efficient has never been higher.

Energy efficient renovation across Australia and increasing output of nearly-zero-energy new-builds needs to be scaled up, but there are challenges. The construction industry is struggling to keep up with high demand due to a shortage of skilled labour and the logistical challenges of ensuring a high standard of quality that is delivered quickly and at scale.

Knauf Insulation’s SUPAFIL® Blowing Wool can help, says Stephen Smith, Product and Systems Manager  Asia Pacific“Improving energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings is important for Australia. It can lower energy bills, improve health and comfort levels of building occupants, and reduce carbon emissions. SUPAFIL® Blowing Wool is an exceptionally flexible, high performing insulation solution that is ideal for all types of building. The solution is perfect not only for new-build construction, but also for renovation projects and modular buildings”.

“SUPAFIL® enabled us to grow our business”

The installation time is radically decreased allowing the professional to install quickly and then handle more projects with the same team.

Just listen to Masahiro Mitsuboshi, President of Japan’s Onnetsu Kankyo Kaihatsu Inc.: "Knauf Insulation's high-performing thermal insulation products enabled us to grow our business by reducing costs during ceiling insulation, making life for our builders easier, due to simpler installation methods, and our future homeowners happier — because they end up with homes designed to effectively reduce heat loss.


SUPAFIL® is free of Red List substances

In addition to high levels of production efficiency and energy savings, SUPAFIL is non-combustible, acoustically effective and was the first blowing wool in Asia-Pacific to be certified by DECLARE which means it does not contain any harmful substances on the DECLARE Red List.

All these qualities resonate strongly with increasingly demanding building users who want to know that the products in their homes, offices and public buildings are safe. The added advantages of SUPAFIL are that there is no waste, off-cuts or scrap which avoids the need to use landfill sites. SUPAFIL’s sustainability credentials are impeccable. The Blowing Wool is created from up to 80% recycled glass.

Finally, not only does SUPAFIL® help to prevent heat loss, it also contributes towards Australia's carbon neutrality goals by cutting energy-waste to build towards a more sustainable future.