Report on Energy efficiency in Victoria's mid-tier office buildings
By Anonymous on November 17, 2016 has reported (17/11/2016) on research from Sustainability Victoria that shows how the mid-tier office building sector can save up to 29 per cent on energy costs by adopting various efficiency measures.

As the mid-tier sector accounts for 80 per cent of Victoria's office buildings there is a huge potential to save energy. The Energy Efficient Office Buildings research program is part of the government's plan to reach its 2050 target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the Energy Efficiency Office Buildings report, there are many positive economic and environmental outcomes if efficiency measures are adopted.  Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 540,000 tonnes a year by improving the efficiency of Victoria's older commercial buildings. This is equivalent to removing 135,000 cars off the road.

Upgrade work required on buildings in this sector could result in 12,000 new jobs. Owners of the buildings are assured of ROI in just 3 years while continuing to benefit from reduced ongoing maintenance costs.

The research program was carried out over 3 years and included 20 various sized buildings in Melbourne's CBD, suburbs and regional Victoria that were built between 1960 and 2000.

Building owners are currently in the 12 month phase of providing feedback on the implemented energy efficiency initiatives during this period.