Qld Govt launches online power bill savings calculator
By Anonymous on October 29, 2014 has reported (13/10/2014) on a new online calculator that Queenslanders are urged to use to estimate their potential power bill savings that will result from the Government's asset sales plan.

The Government has recently announced that electricity bills will no longer include the cost of the high price of power produced by solar households.

Under this new plan, asset sale proceeds of $3.4 billion would be used to buy the solar power produced by households on the 44 cent feed-in tariff.

Currently, the solar scheme is paid by Ergon Energy and Energex, which is passed on to consumers through higher electricity costs.

Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, explained that the new online calculator will calculate the savings customers can expect under the new plan, which will be taken to the election next year.

Mr Nicholls urged people to use the online calculator and find out more information at the Government's Strong Choices website.