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Staying positive

Wherever we are in the world, Knauf Insulation is helping people bring the best version of themselves to work.

At Knauf we have a core value known as Menschlichkeit— humanity towards others.

Values are easy to write down, but how do we put this value into action at Knauf Insulation?

By helping our colleagues bring the best versions of themselves to work by focusing on our strengths, resilience, positivity and providing the leadership insight and skills to develop these characteristics in others.

Company-wide we have been piloting programmes designed to instil positive psychology such as Living the KI Way and our new Knauf Leadership Programme supported by region-specific practical advice sessions, helplines, workshops and courses.

And, of course, coming out of the crisis, our focus has been around mental health and well-being.

Siân Hughes, Knauf Insulation’s Group HR and Corporate Affairs Director, says: “Across the Knauf Group, you feel the sense of family. We all have a duty of care to our colleagues and each other and you can feel it.

“At the height of the pandemic we rallied together brilliantly at Knauf Insulation and really looked after each other, but almost two years later our well-being is now more important than ever. The world is still getting back on its feet and mental health concerns are not going away, in fact so many of us are still very fragile.

“It is not an easy topic to talk about, but we have to break the stigma and start normalising conversations about well-being and helping each other to focus on the positives in ourselves, and in each other — that also helps us to value diversity and build positivity in teams.”

In our For A Better World sustainability strategy we are committed to providing positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience training to all managers and new joiners by 2025.

Siân Hughes, Group HR and Corporate Affairs Director
We have to start normalising conversations about well-being and helping each other to focus on the positives in ourselves.
Siân Hughes, Group HR and Corporate Affairs Director

#myheromoment showcases the motivation that inspires colleagues across the company

Knauf Insulation Western Europe has released a series of #myheromoment videos where 15 employees talk about what inspires them at work, the secrets of their success and why sustainability is close to their heart.

Cédric Natalis, HR Director for Western Europe, says: “We are showing everyone that building on strengths and motivations as well as defining a clear sense of purpose is an opportunity to shape work as something people want to do, in a community they want to be in.”

The videos feature a diverse range of colleagues who work in a wide variety of positions at our Visé, Lannemezan, Paris and Illange offices and plants in Belgium and France.

Our colleagues were asked about what motivates them at work, what strengths they have and the importance of Knauf Insulation’s For A Better World strategy. Check out #myheromoment to see what they said.

Knauf Insulation - Putting people first

Recognition matters

Having work recognised by those that matter is an important pillar of positivity. Every year Knauf Insulation celebrates extraordinary leaders who have live the Knauf values of Entrepreneurship, Commitment, Partnership and Menschlichkeit.

Freeing up Fridays

Knauf Insulation has introduced ‘Meeting Free Fridays’ to help colleagues catch up with teams, learning, development and focus on work that requires concentrated blocks of time. The aim is to avoid organizing project meetings, steering committees, management meetings or even Board meetings on Fridays.


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