Knauf Launches Earthwool®: a new generation of glasswool with ECOSE® Technology

By Anonymous
January 29, 2013

(BRISBANE, Queensland, 1 June 2009) – Knauf Insulation, one of the leading and fastest-growing global insulation manufacturers, has recently launched a range of revolutionary new glasswool products in Australia. The products, marketed under the Earthwool® brand deliver superior environmental credentials using patented ECOSE® Technology.

With most glasswool insulation made using recycled glass bottles and also highly compression packed, it is already  considered by independent sustainability rankings as the best performing insulation in terms of low environmental impact – even better than sheep’s wool according to the Green Guide for Specification in England. ECOSE Technology extends the leading position of glasswool and as a result, Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool products provide Australia with a new choice of highly sustainable insulation.

EarthWool products made using ECOSE Technology benefit from a binder which has no added formaldehyde which is based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials instead of traditional petroleum-based chemicals. The technology has been developed for Knauf Insulation’s glasswool as well as for their rock mineral wool products, enhancing their environmental credentials whilst maintaining the thermal, acoustic and fire performance and mechanical properties.

ECOSE Technology gives a distinctive new look of Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool products – a natural shade of earthy brown, with no added dyes, bleaches or artificial colours. Earthwool is also less dusty and has a much softer and friendlier feel whilst retaining its rigidity and stiffness properties. The ECOSE Technology binder is up to 70% less energy intensive than the formaldehyde binders used in traditional glasswool insulation. As there is no formaldehyde or phenol used in the manufacturing process for Earthwool, it also improves the indoor air quality of buildings where these products are installed (compared to conventional glasswool products).

The new generation of glasswool has already been introduced throughout North America, in the UK and also in Spain and it is scheduled to be launched everywhere else in Europe over the coming months. With the worldwide increase in formaldehyde free specifications, Knauf Insulation is experiencing significant demand for glasswool made using ECOSE Technology.

Regarding the acceptance of the market of this innovation in the USA, Jeff Brisley, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Knauf Insulation, said: “The market response so far has been absolutely overwhelming and this in markets where construction output is down significantly. Architects are very enthusiastic about the sustainability aspects of this new product and we already see glasswool specifications in building projects referring to glasswool with ECOSE Technology. Also, contractors and installers are now specifically requesting glasswool from the trade because of the superior handling characteristics compared to conventional glasswool products”.

Knauf Insulation’s launch of Earthwool with ECOSE Technology in Australia is in line with Knauf Insulation’s long-held culture of environmental stewardship and commitment to be at the forefront of sustainability. "We see sustainability as an evolutionary process, based on continuous improvement and pushing technical boundaries", said Tony Robson, CEO of Knauf Insulation. "This development is the result of five years of intensive research and testing and is aimed to fulfill our desire to provide customers with innovative products which also meet the growing market demand for more sustainable construction materials".

ECOSE Technology is protected by a number of global patents. This revolutionary new binder technology is not only used for glasswool and rock mineral wool, but it offers similar benefits to other products where resin-substitution would be an advantage, such as wood based panels, abrasives and friction materials (

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