Knauf Insulation's Supafil glasswool Declared Red List Free

By Jordan Sargeant
July 10, 2020

As health and well-being plays an increasingly important role in the sustainability of buildings, Knauf Insulation is proud to announce that its Supafil® solution has been certified by the DECLARE label.

DECLARE demands high levels of transparency and rewards products that do not contain any chemical ingredients featured on a Red List. This is a list of substances that have been designated harmful to health by international health organisations and centralised in a list by sustainable building experts of the International Living Future Institute.

Thomas Baguette, Blow-in Glasswool Business Development & Residential Market Manager, Knauf Insulation Group said: “This certification is an important public declaration that transparently reveals Supafil® contains no added formaldehyde, no boric acid or any fire-retardant additives or chemicals to tackle fungus or insects.

“Supafil® is composed of 99% glasswool and less than 1% of antidust and antistatic. Our DECLARE label underlines the natural credentials of our blowing wool.

“More and more, our customers are demanding information about building material ingredients. They want to know their impact on the environment but also on health and well-being across their entire lifecycle.

“We have disclosed the entire composition of Supafil® down to every 0.01%. Our blow-in glasswool is created from up to 80% recycled glass with the remaining percentage composed from Red List Free raw materials. The ‘DECLARE Red List Free’ certification for Supafil® is an important public record of that fact.”

DECLARE certification is also a key factor in achieving credits in Green Building Rating Systems that focus on sustainable and healthy materials in construction including the Living Building Challenge.

“Customers trust the DECLARE list of healthy construction materials because it takes a straightforward approach to auditing product ingredients. It openly shares that information in a transparent way. The label has grown in popularity as the health and well-being of all building users has become a priority,” said Thomas.

Supafil® and indoor air quality benefit

In addition, as most people spend at least 90% of their time indoors, health issues such as air quality become important to the elderly, the very young or those with health conditions. Supafil® is also certified to the highest Eurofins Gold standard for indoor air comfort.

Supafil® offers a full range of insulation applications from lofts and cavity walls to timber frame, modular and prefabricated buildings. It is ideal for new-build or renovation and offers high energy-saving performance, excellent acoustics and fire resistance.