Knauf Insulation's online sustainability chapter to improve building sustainability for a better world 

By Knauf Insulation
February 08, 2022

Knauf Insulation has launched new online sustainability chapter to help customers create better buildings.


The ”Sustainability chapter” highlights how Knauf Insulation solutions can make buildings more sustainable and also charts the company’s progress to reduce its own environmental impact For A Better World.

Jure Šumi, Knauf Insulation’s Group Digital and Brand Manager, says: “The new chapter on Sustainability is a showcase of valuable information for anyone who wants to create better buildings while taking care of the environment and society.

“It offers valuable insight into how our solutions can lower the environmental impact of buildings with news and case histories in every section highlighting what Knauf Insulation is doing For A Better World.”


Transparent sustainability information

One of the most popular sections of the site is a centre to download Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). These are third party audited data documents that reveal the environmental impact of Knauf Insulation solutions at every stage of their life — from the sourcing of materials and manufacture to ultimate disposal or reuse.

Jean-Pierre Pigeolet, Products & Buildings Sustainability Manager says: “EPDs give customers reliable, transparent, independent life cycle impacts information about our Glass Mineral Wool, Rock Mineral Wool, Wood Wool Heraklith Solutions, Urbanscape® GreenRoofs Systems and our Mineral Plus line of products and are essential to understanding the outstanding sustainability credentials of our solutions.”


Helping customers maximise green systems

In addition, Knauf Insulation solutions can contribute points to the world’s leading Green Building Rating Systems (GBRS) including BREEAM, LEED, DGNB and WELL.


GBRS are becoming increasingly popular as independent systems to assess building sustainability. High ratings add value to a building project which is great news for developers, the people who use them and the environment.

As well as environmental impact, many customers are now focusing on how buildings ensure comfort, safety and well-being for the people who use them. Acoustic health, indoor air quality and the safety of the ‘ingredients’ used in the production of products are becoming increasingly important for building owners and users.

Certification that has been awarded to Knauf Insulation solutions include Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold for indoor air quality and DECLARE which certifies that products are ‘Red List’ free of harmful chemicals.


Contributing to a better world

Knauf Insulation’s sustainability chapter also examines how the company is reducing the environmental impact of its operations in line with its For A Better World sustainability strategy.

The strategy defines four core long-term goals — Put People First, Achieve Zero Carbon, Deliver A Circular Economy and Create Better Buildings. There are site sections for each goal featuring news and insight from across Knauf Insulation.

To clarify a clear path to sustainability success, Knauf Insulation has also set ambitious targets for 2025 including sending zero waste to landfill, cutting its accident rate by 55% and reducing the embodied carbon of products by 15%. The site features regular updates on progress and Knauf Insulation initiatives to achieve these targets.

sustainability image from KI website.png

“It is not enough to promise to be sustainable, it is vital to demonstrate concrete, quantifiable progress,” says Jure. “The goals we have set ourselves For A Better World are incredibly challenging, but by achieving them we will transform Knauf Insulation completely and this will benefit our customers, our company and ultimately the planet.”