Knauf Insulation reaches major milestone in its sustainability challenge for 2020

By Knauf Australia
October 19, 2016

Today Knauf Insulation launches its Annual Sustainability Report, Insulation Matters.

Today Knauf Insulation launches its Annual Sustainability Report, Insulation Matters.

In 2010 we set ambitious targets for 2020 to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and energy use by 20%, cut our waste to landfill to zero, lower Lost Time Accidents (LTAs) by 50% and reduce water discharge by 50%.

At the 2015, the half-point of this challenge, we are pleased to announce in our new sustainability report that our energy use by has been cut by 17.5%, CO2 emissions by 16.4%; waste to landfill is down by 58%; and LTAs are down by 5% compared to 2010.

Significantly, 2015 also marked a major milestone as we achieved our target of cutting water discharge by 50% — five years ahead of deadline.

Vincent Briard, Head of Sustainability, Products & Buildings at Knauf Insulation said: “We have come a long way in just five years and our half-way point achievements in 2015 are a tribute to the hard work and innovation of everyone at Knauf Insulation — at every level and at every site."

“Today everyone understands the importance of sustainability, everyone is aware of the importance of energy efficiency, reducing waste and lowering the number of lost time accidents. The results from 2015 are particularly striking because they now also include the 17 North American sites we acquired in 2014.”

The new report showcases many of the initiatives that have been introduced throughout our company and puts the spotlight on those plants that have achieved major breakthroughs in areas such as energy management, waste reduction or water discharge.

We also showcase how investment has made a major difference — for example cutting transportation requirements in Russia and North America by thousands of kilometres — and how new initiatives are gaining traction at every level — for instance making senior leaders more responsible for health and safety.

“Sustainability at Knauf Insulation is as much about helping our customers to meet today’s challenges as it is about our own performance,” added Briard.

In the report we speak to colleagues, policy makers, specifiers, installers, construction companies and retailers from all around the world to showcase how we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do at Knauf Insulation.

The report highlights how we are playing our part in continuously campaigning to keep energy efficiency, sustainability and building safety at the heart of the political debate across the world.

We explain the many ways in which we are pioneering green building work to help customers get more from Green Building Rating Systems.  We also look at the criteria we believe should shape the green building trends of the future and how Knauf Insulation solutions can contribute to indoor air quality, acoustic and thermal comfort as national regulations start.

Innovative solutions are the foundation of our business. Products such as Mineral Plus and our revolutionary ECOSE Technology in Glass Mineral Wool — and now our Rock HVAC solutions — are discussed in detail by the report with customers providing us with valuable feedback.

Finally, we unveil a unique research programme that Knauf Insulation is carrying out across 21 occupied homes in Belgium. The aim of the project is ensure the real-life benefits of insulation installation by independently monitoring performance before and after renovation. It’s a trial that makes for fascinating reading.

Other report highlights include:

• Our new modular building initiatives designed to support governments as they face a refugee housing crisis in Europe.

• How we are campaigning to keep renovation at the heart of government’s energy policies around the world.

• And how we are fighting to change policies to ensure that our buildings are fire safe.