Knauf Insulation Partners with RACE for 2030 to Transform Residential Housing and Combat Climate Change

By Knauf Insulation APAC
November 14, 2023

Knauf Insulation APAC have signed up as an industry partner within the Reliable, Affordable, Clean Energy (RACE) for 2030 Cooperative Research Centres (RACE for 2030) for Homes programme.

RACE for 2030 and Knauf Insulation Asia-Pacific

Residential homes make up 12% of Australia’s carbon emissions and use 24% of the country's electricity. Collaboration with RACE for 2030 aims to transform how energy is used in homes and encourage more sustainable living practices.

Residential housing in Australia is currently ill-equipped to manage the intensifying weather extremes, exposing residents to increased energy costs and compromising public health. Recognizing the direct correlation between the quality of homes and key societal factors such as cost of living and social equity, Knauf Insulation APAC is taking a proactive stance to bring about positive change.

The Role of Energy Efficiency

Improved energy efficiency is a key solution to mitigating the impact of residential buildings on the environment. Knauf Insulation APAC highlights the potential for households to achieve substantial savings on energy costs while simultaneously enhancing the health and well-being of residents.

The Importance of Building Insulation

Building insulation plays a crucial role in achieving Australia’s net-zero target, representing a key strategy in the pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient structures. Insulating buildings effectively enhances their thermal performance, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. This, in turn, leads to a significant drop in energy consumption, helping to curb carbon emissions. Insulation offers a practical and cost-effective means to enhance energy efficiency.

High Performing Insulation Solutions for Net Zero Buildings

Our glasswool insulation batts and rolls are made with up to 80% recycled glass and ECOSE® technology, a sustainable bio-based binder that does not contain added formaldehyde. It's the foundation to our commitment to making the world a better place. The sustainable materials used in the products, coupled with their durability, further contribute to minimizing the carbon footprint by reducing the need for replacements.

Our insulation products save energy, cut emissions and are designed to make sure buildings are good for the environment and keep people healthy, safe and well.

At Knauf Insulation, we recognise that achieving net zero carbon is a long-term goal that requires ongoing effort and investment. We are committed to playing our part in the fight against climate change and contributing to a more sustainable future. We believe that by working together, we can create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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