Knauf Insulation makes momentous gift to major hospital foundation in the United States

By Knauf Australia
January 26, 2016

Thies Knauf and Knauf Insulation give largest corporate gift in Foundation history to support New MHP Medical Center construction.

Thies Knauf and Knauf Insulation give largest corporate gift in Foundation history to support New MHP Medical Center construction

Shelbyville, UNITED STATES — The Major Hospital Foundation announced that it has received its largest corporate pledge ever from Thies Knauf and Knauf Insulation, Inc. The gift will help support the construction of the new MHP Medical Center. In recognition of this gift, Mr. Knauf and the Shelbyville-based insulation company will be listed as the “Main Concourse: Lobby Benefactor.” Angela Gill, executive director of the Major Hospital Foundation said, “This is our most visible recognition opportunity, and we are thrilled to be able to attach the Knauf name to it.  A gift of this impact and magnitude deserves extensive acknowledgement. We are so grateful to Mr. Knauf for his personal involvement in initiating and making the gift.”

Mark Andrews, CEO, North America of Knauf Insulation commented on the gift and the importance of healthcare as it relates to business and the economy:  “We have a strong health and wellness program at Knauf Insulation. We are proud to support the MHP Medical Center project because we realize that a healthy workforce and a healthy community enhance productivity and quality of life.  This project is a perfect vehicle extending our efforts into our home community.”

According to Jack Horner, President and CEO of Major Health Partners, the new MHP Medical Center will do more than treat the sick. It will also help to encourage and maintain wellness. He said, “Changes in healthcare delivery across the nation include an emphasis on preventative medicine, keeping people healthy, and not waiting for illness to strike. The new facility fosters a unique synergy between all of our providers through technology and having them all at one location. MHP will be able to provide more proactive care so that our community stays healthier.”

Thies Knauf has a strong history in Shelby County, having lived in Shelbyville for many years and actively running the Knauf enterprise with an eye toward community development. The new MHP Medical Center project appealed to his a strong philanthropic spirit. He said, “This project will have a lasting impact on Shelby County, both on the local economy and on business. It will also affect hundreds of individuals in a deeply personal way every day. I am very happy that my company and I have a chance to participate in something so vital to the well-being of this community. It is an honor.”

Horner said, “We at MHP are very happy to have a business and philanthropic relationship with the Knauf family and the Knauf Insulation company. They are very important to our community, and we are extremely grateful for this momentous gift.”

The campaign to help support the construction of the new MHP Medical Center continues, and the construction and fundraising continue to be on schedule.  Construction is expected to be complete in the fall of 2016, and the community will begin to use the new facility in 2017.  Others wishing to help support the project can do so at or by contacting Gill at +1 317-421-0361