Keep your house warm (and save money) this winter

By Shoko McKay
June 08, 2021

Winter is here, and for many Aussies that means evenings spent in front of the TV all rugged up in hats, gloves and scarfs.

Australian houses have been dubbed glorified tents, and if your home is among them, you’re probably wondering how you can keep warm at home this winter without spiking your energy bills. Here’s how…

1. Insulate floors, walls and ceilings

Ok, so of course we’re going to say this, but seriously in winter, 25-35% of an uninsulated home’s warmth is lost through the roof. Yes, it’s best to install insulation when building or renovating, but it can be retrofitted to an existing home. If you consider yourself pretty handy, you can give it a go – it’s certainly one weekend DIY job that will have you saving on your energy bills year on year.

2. Cover hard floors with rugs

If you have hard flooring like tiles, timber or laminate, it might make you feel cold just looking at them. So it’s time to rug up, literally. Lay down rugs on those high traffic areas even if it’s just for the winter months and your tootsies will thank you (so will your kids).

3. Use curtains, blinds and shutters

Heat can also be lost through windows. So, for those sunny north- and west-facing sides of your house, consider keeping you blinds open during the day to allow sunshine to warm up your rooms before the temperature drops again at night. When heating is on, pull your curtains, blinds or shutters closed to keep in the warmth.

4. Track down and seal leaks

It’s elementary, my dear Watson – simply, track down any draughts in your home, particularly around doors and windows, and seal them up. Draught excluders, weather seal tape, silicone sealant or caulk, door strips, and/or brush door seals can all be picked up cheaply from your local hardware store. Just remember to measure up before you leave home.

5. Switch ceiling fans to reverse

Most modern ceiling fans have a reverse switch on the unit. This can be really useful in winter. As hot air rises from your heating system, the fan will help to circulate the warm air back down toward the floor. Give it a go and see.