DriTherm® Cavity slab: new thermal insulation for cavity walls

By Anonymous
August 10, 2015

DriTherm® Cavity slab: new thermal insulation for cavity walls

DriTherm Cavity slab from Knauf Insulation offers the ideal solution for insulating double brick cavity walls. Recent research* has shown that DriTherm Cavity slab can help to reduce the heating and cooling costs within the home by up to 25% when compared to an uninsulated double brick cavity.

The research, which was completed on behalf of Knauf Insulation by Bezant Consulting, shows that after two to three hot or cold days, thermal energy, both inside and outside the home, will move through the brick cavity at an increased rate of heat transfer and decrease the homes thermal performance. Installing DriTherm Cavity slab creates a barrier to prevent this from happening – helping to improve the thermal performance.

DriTherm Cavity slab has a material R-Value of 1.4m2K/W and is BCA compliant and CodeMark certified, showing that is it ‘Fit for Purpose’ – it has been specifically designed for construction methods in Western Australia. Furthermore, DriTherm Cavity slab is non-combustible and provides a cost-effective, thermal and acoustic barrier for energy-efficient construction.

If you are building a new home, now is the time to act to ensure it is comfortable all year round – cool in summer and warm in winter.

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*DriTherm Cavity slab Bezant Report, 2015