DriTherm® Cavity slab: insulation for a cool home

By Anonymous
September 21, 2015




    • High thermal performance
    • Will resist moisture transfer – 50 year warranty
    • CodeMark certified
    • BCA Compliant

Knauf Insulation has launched a new specialist, high performance insulation product that provides a three-in-one solution for double brick cavity walls. DriTherm® Cavity slab is a silicone treated glasswool insulation that provides a thermal barrier in the cavity of double brick walls to prevent heat transfer via conduction, convection and radiation.

DriTherm Cavity slab has a certified material R-Value of 1.4 m2K/W and has received CodeMark certification, demonstrating that it is Fit for Purpose for installation in a double brick cavity and meets the performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

DriTherm Cavity slab is part of the Earthwool range of products, a new generation of glasswool insulation products that provide thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for the home. Like other Earthwool products, DriTherm Cavity slab is made using recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary binder that contains no added formaldehyde or petro-based chemicals.

Guy Manthel, Technical Product Manager at Knauf Insulation said: “Cavity wall insulation is a common requirement for Western Australian homes. During the hot summer months, uninsulated walls that are exposed to the sun can heat up and make the home hot an uncomfortable. DriTherm Cavity slab provides an ideal solution to improve the thermal performance of the external wall and reduce heat transfer into the home.”

“As a high performance, non-combustible glasswool insulation product, DriTherm Cavity slab is the only cavity wall insulation product available in Australia that is silicone treated, so installers and homeowners can rest–assured this certified insulation product will resist moisture transfer for the lifetime of the building.”

It is no secret that insulation can improve the energy efficiency of the home and once installed it can also help reduce the reliance on artificial cooling and heating to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. DriTherm Cavity slab has over 40 years history of use in the UK and is ideally suited to construction methods in Perth.

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Notes to Editor:

Knauf Insulation commissioned Bezant Consulting to research the benefits of using DriTherm Cavity slab in a double brick construction compared to an uninsulated wall. The results showed that DriTherm Cavity slab can help to reduce the heating and cooling costs within the home by up to 25% and can improve the Star rating between 0.8 and 1.2 stars. The research results can be found here.