Birdsville wins the Queensland Tidy Towns award for Energy Conservation after partnership with Knauf Insulation

By Anonymous
November 22, 2013


In August this year, Knauf Insulation worked in partnership with the community of Birdsville to help make Australia’s most isolated town, the most insulated. Now leading the way in sustainability, Birdsville has been recognised for its achievements by Keep Queensland Beautiful, winning the Tidy Towns award for Energy Conservation.

The iconic outback town, like many in Australia, is subject to extreme temperatures; hot during the summer and cold during winter nights. Birdsville has recorded temperatures below freezing in winter and up to a record breaking 49 degrees in summer months.

Inspired by Birdsville’s story, the team at Knauf Insulation realised they could dramatically transform the comfort of living for residents in this remote town, whilst reducing energy consumption. Subsequently, over one football field’s worth of Earthwool was trucked 1,500kms across the desert from Brisbane; with the help of local residents, the whole town was insulated for free.

The whole project was made into a mini doc that was screened at the Tidy Towns Awards ceremony – the short film can be viewed below.

Commenting on the award, Stuart Dunbar, Managing Director of Knauf Insulation APAC says: “We are thrilled Birdsville has been recognised for setting the benchmark for energy conservation in Australia by Tidy Towns. We hope the success of Birdsville will continue to help restore confidence in the insulation industry and highlight how beneficial insulation is to sustainability, comfort of living and reducing energy bills. It was a hugely enjoyable project and we’d like to thank all the residents of Birdsville for being so welcoming and getting stuck in during the installation week - the project also demonstrated how safe and easy installing Earthwool can be as a DIY task if basic safety steps are taken”.

Facts about the Knauf Birdsville Project:

  • Approximately 800 packs of Earthwool, containing 8000m² - enough to cover one footy field - was trucked 1500kms from Brisbane to Birdsville in order to insulate the town
  • Over 30 properties were insulated with Earthwool
  • The project took just over three weeks to complete in July and August
  • Three separate trips were taken to the Diamantina Shire during the project in order to meet with the local Council and conduct town meetings with the residents
  • Over 50 of the Bakeries camel and kangaroo pies were consumed by the Knauf Insulation team during the project.

Facts about insulation:

  • Installing ceiling insulation is a common DIY activity all over the world. It is easy and safe if basic steps are followed such as: switching the power off at the mains, wearing the right clothing with flat soled shoes, and being careful to only step on the joists in the loft
  • According to insulation industry research, approximately 1 in 3 homeowners have been left anxious about using insulation in the future due to the Federal Government’s failed Home Insulation Programme
  • There are currently over one million Australian homes without any insulation
  • Electricity prices having risen by 70% in the last five years
  • A recent study showed that ceiling insulation alone could save the average Australian home about $299* each year in energy costs based on last year’s energy prices.