New app gives Supafil® customers a competitive edge


Our KinetiK® app makes it possible for Supafil® Approved Installers to record detailed installation data for the first time.

We started to develop the KinetiK® app a few years ago to give customers independent, verifiable data and track the installation process from start to finish.

KinetiK® is an app-based site reporting system, for Approved Supafil® Installers, that creates an instant digital record of installations. Installers select the specific development, plot and application from a pre-populated list, then scan the unique QR code printed on each pack of Supafil® as it’s installed. The app also prompts them to take photos at relevant points throughout the process. The data is collated into a complete record that can then be given to housebuilder customers, and used by installers to manage their own quality control.

Changes to regulations and requirements in the UK made traceability even more critical. After the Grenfell Tower fire, Dame Judith Hackitt recommended that there should be a ‘golden thread’ of information running through building projects to establish accountability. One example is the requirement for photographic evidence as part of the new Part L of the Building regulations for England.

To help meet these requirements, KinetiK® was launched as a pilot in April 2021. A customer helped us to test, learn from and improve the app before it launched officially in November 2021.

All our UK Blowing Mineral Wool customers are given access to the free app as part of our service offering. This provides assurance for housebuilders that the product they specified has been installed.  

Our dedicated Housing and Contracting Team can also use this information to support and train housebuilders, to ensure they bring in installers at the right time and in the best way on projects.

Knauf Insulation plans to use KinetiK® as a digital platform for further innovation in the future.

KinetiK® in numbers

Since its launch in 2021, the app was used: 

  • by over 200 technicians

  • by 13 installing companies

  • on 6,965 plots

  • on 837 building sites

  • with 97 housebuilders

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