My climate online tool to check energy efficiency of homes
By Anonymous on March 18, 2015 has reported (13/03/2015) on  Port Phillip Council online evaluation system to help residents and business owners make decisions about the energy efficiency of their buildings.

The My Climate online tool is similar to Google Earth with an environmental planning tip.  It allows users to view a thermal image of their property and others nearby based on 2012 flyovers. 

Specific temperatures in different areas of the building are revealed and the site also allows for calculations on home insulation and solar panels.

The council developed this temperature mapping tool with the help of Monash University and CSIRO and it hoped that the 'inquiry tool' would help residents start the conversation on making big energy saving investments and provide information on home insulation costing, shadowing, solar and rainwater potential.

Amanda Stevens, Port Phillip Council Mayor, said that residents were keen for information on how to be more energy efficient.  She believes that they are the only council in Victoria and possibly Australia who are providing this level of information.

The tool allows residents to look at winter heat loss, solar potential of room, the urban heat island effect and rainfall.

The aim is that residents decrease their cooling and heating bills and make the best use of the potential of their building.