Mineral Wool with ECOSE® Technology wins the Global Insulation "product of the year" award
By Anonymous on November 11, 2013

(BRISBANE, Queensland, 11 November 2009) - Mineral Wool with ECOSE®Technology wins the Global Insulation “product of the year” award 2009

At the 4th Global Insulation Conference and Exhibition in Prague that took place on 2-3 November 2009, Knauf Insulation’s new generation of mineral wool with ECOSE Technology (used to make Earthwool®) received the Global Insulation “product of the year” award 2009.

The Global Insulation Conference has become well-known in the insulation industry for bringing together participants such as insulation manufacturers, equipment producers, raw materials suppliers, scientists, academics and legislators and providing a global platform for information exchange, news, trend analysis and networking.

This year more than a hundred delegates from over fifty companies were present, representing 25 countries from around the world.

The 4th Global Insulation Conference focused on one of the most important topics in building materials today: the sustainability of the industry- from raw materials to manufacturing technology, from installation techniques to performance-in-place and from life-cycle analyses to embodied energy.

Mineral wool with ECOSE Technology was voted “best product” by the delegates of the conference. “We are delighted that mineral wool with ECOSE Technology was recognized by the delegates of the Global Insulation conference”, commented Davide Maiello, Head of Business Intelligence, who accepted the award on behalf of Knauf Insulation. “This is an eloquent testimony that our new generation of mineral wool truly represents a step change in sustainability for the insulation industry.”

Mineral wool with ECOSE Technology, marketed in Australia as Earthwool, is the result of five years intensive research and testing and provides Knauf Insulation customers with innovative products which also meet the growing market demand for more sustainable construction materials.

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