Melbourne apartments fail international health standard for temperature
By Anonymous on March 15, 2017 has reported (15/03/2017) on unsafe conditions in Melbourne apartments as temperatures soar during heatwaves.

University of Melbourne tested six common Melbourne building models (those without cooling systems) and found that they failed international health standards for indoor temperature.

Australia currently has no best practice standards to protect the health of apartment residents.

France introduced a "summer comfort" requirement to their building code in 2003 after a heatwave that resulted in14,000 deaths. It stipulates that airconditioning is required in indoor rooms that surpass 28 degress for more than 3 per cent of the year.

The report, funded by the Australian Communities Foundation Green Cities Innovation Fund, stated that lack of insulation, poor ventilation and single glaze windows were just some of the reasons that the buildings failed.

Christopher Jensen, lead researcher, suggested changes to the building code and to retrofit existing dwellings.  He would also like to see a heatwave advisory warning which would operate in a similar way to the bushfire warning system that is in place.